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Swing gate Board Learning / Setting 696

Swing Gate Board Learning / Setting Modify Panic Button

CANMAX Swing Board Panic Learning / Setting

CANMAX Swing Board Panic Learning / Setting

MAG Barrier Gate

NEC SL2100 Cable Extension Connection

MAG Barrier Gate ARM Shaking

The MOST important thing in MAG barrier gate installation

Swing Arm Gate Installation 2/2

Swing Arm Gate Installation

Swing Arm Gate Installation 1/2

Swing Arm Gate Installation

Swing Gate Board Learning/Setting

4 channel On Board Remote Control Configuration

How to setup Guard Tour System WM-5000V4s (Vanguard 4s)

JWM GUARD TOUR Software Tutorial

NICE-WINGO 4024 Swing Arm Gate (Italy)

ZKTeco P Series with Vehicle Detection Radar Sensor (VR10)

ZKTeco Barrier Gate Installation

ZKTeco Barrier Gate Installation P Series Barrier Gate

Vivos Alarm

Vivos Alarm System

How to setup and use JWM Patrol software with WM-5000V4S reader.

How to setup and use JWM Patrol software with WM-5000V4S reader.

JWM Guard Tour Operation Video

JWM Guard Tour Operation Video


MAG offers a complete solution of RFID mid range and long range tag reader system in Malaysia for parking access system. MAG uses advance RFID technology that allow MAG RFID long range reader to penetrate solar film and achieve effective long range reading. Card cloning is a growing concern as biggest security loop hole. MAG long range reader parking access solution is highly optimized to be practical and affordable so that you can truly enjoy the benefit of advanced RFID technology. Looking for long range RFID tag reader system supplier in Malaysia? You can easily choose from our wide choices to meet your preferred budget, convenience and security level.


AR300U is an ultra high frequency (UHF) long range reader that can read up to 10 meter off air. UHF card passive technology achieves long range without requiring any battery. This help save our environments by reducing battery usage.

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