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Mitsubishi XD365U

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Mitsubishi XD365U Mitsubishi Projector
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Mitsubishi XD365U

At the Forefront of Classroom Education

Mitsubishi Electric's XD365U-EST projector has the world's shortest focal distance* and is equipped with a feature that revolutionizes visual interactive communication, interactive pens. In addition to performing the functions of a conventional mouse, the pens can be used to draw and write on the projector screen. Even in classrooms with limited space, our short-throw lenses secure the our short-throw lenses attract the audience's attention with large images and striking impact.

This visual communications solution from Mitsubishi Electric further expands application possibilities, creating a level of interactivity that can bring projector usage to the forefront of classroom education.

* Units not equipped with mirrors

Note: Data researched by Mitsubishi Electric in August 2011.

Reliable, User-friendly Interactive Pen

Write on projection screen without touching it using the Air Mouse function
Use both pens simultaneously in Dual Pen mode

No Special Interactive Board Required

Simply use the accompanying interactive pens to draw, write and perform the functions of a computer mouse on the projection screen.

All required software is pre-installed. Multiple pens can be used to write on projected images such as those of PowerPoint slides and educational software, thereby enabling truly interactive communication to develop between teachers and students. In addition, position coordinate data is pre-installed in the projector, allowing immediate use without having to perform the calibraton task of setting coordinate axes.

Dual Pen mode

Extremely stable operation even at a distance

For Macintosh Users:

The supplied (optional) Interactive Pen is compatible with Mac OS, but the position of the pen on the projected screen may not correspond precisely to the position of the cursor on the computer screen. In this case, download the Interactive Pen Scaling Fix Driver for Macintosh and install it on your Macintosh computer. Download from here.

* Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.5.2 - 10.7.2 (as of January 2012)

Note: The two positions may still differ by around 5 dots, but this cannot be corrected with the scaling fix driver.


Estimated 6000-hour Lamp Life (in Low Mode)

A longer service life for the projection lamp has been achieved by incorporating an optimal design for lamp temperature control. Benefits include substantial reductions in projector operating cost and the labor required for changing the lamp.

Lamp life specification is an estimate based on verification under proper conditions and is not the duration of the warranty. Lamp will shut-off automatically when usage reaches the specified estimated maximum lamp hours. Service life may vary widely depending on usage and operating environment and conditions, as well as users' adherence to the maintenance and cleaning procedures provided in the user's manual.

Auto Power Off

If no image signal is output for a predetermined period of time*, power is automatically turned off, realizing energy savings by reducing needless power consumption.

Time preset by user

Stand-by Wattage Under 0.5W*

Stand-by (low) mode power consumption is less than 0.5W, offering increased energy savings and further contributing to environmental preservation.

When in stand-by (low) mode. At this time, use of the LAN function, RS-232C output is not possible.


Short Focal Distance – 0.469 Throw Ratio

Utilizing a large-diameter lens and optimal optical engine design, short focal distance (throw ratio: 0.469) in the industry has been achieved. Even if the teacher or presenter must move in front of the projected image, they are neither blinded nor disturbed by projector light, enabling them to maintain eye contact with the audience at all times.



2500lm High Brightness

The high 2500lm brightness helps to ensure presentation images are clearly seen without lowering the light in the room.

3000:1 High Contrast

Dark chip3 is introduced to the DLP™ chip line-up. Stray-light processing has been optimized for the optical system, achieving a high contrast of 3000:1. This makes it possible to reproduce sharp, vivid images in which sentences and other characters can be easily read.

3D READY — Enjoy the Future Today

Experience the impact and allure of 3D images. The 3D video content must be in field sequential format and special electronic shutter glasses are required.



Quiet 28dB Operation

Projection fan noise can be distracting during a presentation or videoconference. The XD365U-EST projector operates at a significantly low noise level of only 28dB (i.e., in "low lamp" mode). As a result, presentations and conferences can be held without distracting projector noise in the background.

Top-loading Lamp for Easier Maintenance


USB Display/LAN Display

To use the projector to reproduce images from a computer, a USB cable, LAN cable or commercially available wireless dongle can be used. For displaying images via a LAN, up to four computers can be connected to one projector. The projection screen can be divided into quarters, reproducing all computer screens simultaneously.



Only one optional USB Type-A port from a computer can be directly connected to a projector. Multiple connections using a USB hub is not possible.


For displaying images via a LAN, network settings are required.


Not all USB dongles are compatible.

Remote Desktop

When using the LAN Display function, a USB mouse or USB keyboard can be connected to the projector enabling direct access to a computer utilizing the Internet or other application.

Computer-free Presentations (PC less presentation) [PtG file/JPEG Viewer]

Using "PtG Converter", PowerPoint files can be converted into a special format and saved on a USB storage device. When the USB device is connected to the projector, users can replay slideshows or animation effects using only the projector.


The types of slideshows and animation effects that can be replayed are limited.

JPEG files saved on a USB storage device can be projected in slideshow style.


Only compatible with JPEG files.

Simultaneous Message Display (Visual PA)
Network Connectivity


Excellent Sound Projection (10W Speaker + Audio Mix)

Using the "Audio Mix" feature and wireless microphone sold separately, the presenter's voice is reproduced loud and clear in real time.

Stand-by Audio

Even when the power to the projector is turned off, when an external audio device such as a DVD is connected, the projector speaker can be used as an audio speaker.

The 10W speaker can be used when the projector is in stand-by mode.

Audio Pass-through

Even when the power to the projector is turned off, when an external audio device such as a DVD or separate speaker is connected, the projector can be used as an amplifier.

In addition, audio can be output when the projector is in stand-by mode, using the projector as an amplifier.

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